“I retired from full-time teaching last year after over 40 years experience. I signed up to a local agency who I constantly had to chase, they refused to help with any paperwork and never found me any work. Somewhat disillusioned, I decided to try a different agency, and could not believe the difference. County teachers are always polite and interested in you as a person, matching you to local schools where possible. I have dealt mainly with James who has always valued me as one of his "team", but all the other staff are unfailingly polite and helpful-always 'phoning to see how a job is going. I have had regular work since joining them, and I am happy to highly recommend County Teachers to anyone wishing to undertake supply teaching.”

Joy Mendelsohn
Secondary Teacher, June 2018

“I have nothing but praise for County Teachers, especially Maisie. She has been so helpful and supportive. She is always available for a chat both early on and later in a day. It’s so nice to have a point of contact to let off steam about the schools I’ve worked in. She is incredibly hardworking and professional. I look forward to continuing working with Maisie and County Teachers”

John Cavendish
Primary Teacher, June 2018

“My recent experience with County Teachers and Mitchell in particular has been excellent. I was working in a job that made me progressively more unhappy, but I was determined to stick it out regardless. Mitchell emailed me about a local teaching position which I initially ignored, as I was already working. However, he persisted and called me telling me about the opportunity. After giving it a little thought I decided to stick with my current job and refused the offer. At the end of the same day things at my workplace became unbearable and I made the decision to resign. I immediately called Mitchell to enquire whether the position he had contacted me about was still available. He informed me that it was and I expressed my interest. The following Monday, I travelled to Stevenage to meet Mitchell and register as a full agency member. Mitchell was extremely supportive of my situation and took time out of his very busy day to get me registered and ready to start work as soon as possible and by Thursday of that same week I found myself in a college I love, teaching a subject that is very close to my heart to four great groups of students. I can't thank County Teachers and Mitchell enough for the amazing support and enthusiasm they have shown me. I am absolutely delighted with the warm and professional approach and the encouraging communication I have had.”

Secondary Teacher
December 2017

“It has been a wonderful experience working for County Teachers. I am very impressed with the professionalism of all the staff, especially James Campbell who has always been a great help. I highly recommend James and County teachers to everyone.”

Sonia Salman
Secondary Teacher, December 2017

“Having recently joined County Teachers I have been thoroughly impressed by their professionalism.  My consultant, Maisie,  has taken the time to find placements that reflect my experience and made me feel like a valued member of the team. Communication has been excellent and the initial registration process seamless.  For these reasons I wouldn't hesitate in recommending County Teachers.”

Primary Teacher
November 2017

“"County Teachers were recommended to me by a colleague and I can see why. Within a very short space of time James got me an interview for the perfect part-time job, which I start in January, and within days of my DBS arriving I was out doing supply work every day. Can't fault any of the staff at County Teachers and I look forward to continuing to work with them."”

Roz Simmons
English Teacher, November 2017

“As a supply teacher with County Teachers I have felt supported on a daily basis and truly part of a team and this has been enhanced by the C.P.D. courses that are offered. I have taught in schools where I have been truly welcomed as another member of staff and this is due to positive relationships between the parties concerned. I'm looking forward to another year as I'm confident it will be productive for all concerned.”

Hazel MacDonald
Primary Teacher, August 2017

“County Teachers have a strong work ethic: they take time and care to understand my professional preferences and work needs, maintain good working relationships, with both me as a supply teacher and schools I work with, and provide me with opportunities to keep my training up-to-date.”

Sally Charter
Primary Teacher, July 2017


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