County Teachers – Ever Supplying Skilled Teachers

County Teachers have expanded! Last academic year went very well for us and we were very pleased to help so many schools out with their long-term and daily supply bookings.

Whilst we had great success, we found ourselves slightly disappointed that there were even more schools that we could have helped but were sadly unable to. This is because currently in the UK, we are facing a teacher shortage. It was hoped that this year, there would be 34,890 teachers in training but there are actually only 29,920 and this is the third year running that the target has been missed.

Staff shortages are making primary classes soar. “Government figures show 93,000 pupils are in classes of over 30 and 446 in rooms of 70 plus”

In an attempt to solve this shortage, County Teachers now have a sister office in Sydney, Australia. We are working very closely with them to source and relocate candidates for potential positions. We ensure that the correct vetting procedures are followed and their qualifications are UK equivalent. Of course, we have researched this in-depth and if you have any questions or require any information, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

It could be that you are currently struggling to fill a long-term position you currently have for January 2015. If this is the case, you can submit your vacancy here. Alternatively contact us to see our extensive candidate lists.


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