County Teachers – Behind The Scenes

Welcome to the first entry of our monthly County Teachers – Behind The Scenes newsletter. We are using this opportunity to give you exclusive insight into what actually goes on in the County Teachers office. Occasionally, we will tell you about the events we have been holding and the trips we have been on and other times, you will be able to find out some very interesting things about the team and what we really are like without our telephone manner. Such as, how many cups of tea and coffee does James actually drink in one day? Does Chloe actually polish her desk 5 times an hour? Does Maisie secretly read the odd chapter of Harry Potter on her lunch break? And will Matt ever actually manage to make it in for a time he says he will?!

This month however, is all about our County Teachers trip to Centre Parcs that we went on in the summer. Isn’t it bad enough that we spend 50 hours + a week together? No, we want to punish ourselves even more and do it for an entire weekend!

The plan was to go in convoy – road trip style. But as always, nothing ever goes smoothly and whilst four of us were half way to Sherwood, Matt was sending us selfies from the office back in Stevenage!! Great start.

So, four of the team get there full of excitement! A welcome message is written on the chalkboard, the fridge stocked and the good rooms claimed. But then the waiting began: 1 walk around the site, 50 pictures, 1 pedalo, 2 games of cards, some more pictures, one wildlife programme, 2 episodes of countdown and 3 hours later a text is received … “Stuck in traffic – Be half an hour” – Back to countdown it was.

Finally the late-comers arrived and at last we went to the swimming pool! A fun afternoon was had by everyone followed by a BBQ with too much food and a good old game of Pictionary… plus a few cocktails along the way.

The rest of the weekend passed without incident, unless you count Maisie realising she was terrified of heights as she climbed the first ladder on our Go Ape adventure day, Lauren deciding she fancied a snooze in the spa, half the team being incredibly late for our first meal out because of the football going into extra time and a stumble during a re-enactment of Dirty Dancing’s most iconic dance move.

It really was a great weekend and very nice to spend time with each other out of the office environment. Now we are back to reality we will be using our team building skills once again to prepare for our Macmillan coffee morning this month. Keep an eye out for out next entry where we will give you all the behind the scenes info!



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