Behind The Scenes – Macmillan Coffee Morning

Hello to our readers and welcome to the second edition of our County Teachers newsletter. As promised, this month we will be giving you all of the behind the scenes info from our Macmillan Coffee Morning.

We decided to take part in this fundraising event because it really is such a brilliant cause to help fight something that affects the lives of so many people. It is very close to our hearts and it was a real pleasure to be able to contribute to the massive £21,120,000 that was raised this year.

It was a hectic morning that involved Maisie and Chloe making countless trips up and down the stairs with cakes, chocolates, biscuits, and an unlimited supply of tea and coffee. We invited everybody in the building to join us to help raise awareness and make as much money as we could – although lets be honest, who really needs persuading to come and eat cake!?

The morning was a fantastic success and even led on into the afternoon. If there were those that just wanted a quiet day in the office away from the lure of sugar and saturated fats, we made sure that this just wasn’t possible by knocking on the office doors! All of the cakes were gobbled up – surprising as there really was a lot to consume. County Teachers may be partially responsible for the amount of gym memberships and diets that people undertake in the New Year… but it doesn’t matter, because it was all in the name of charity and it was a fantastic day.

We may even admit to making a donation and eating our own cakes – they really were that good, we promise!! We must give a special thank you to Matt Wilson for still managing to bake the yummiest brownies with his broken leg. We can only imagine how difficult it must have been hopping round the kitchen on one leg! – Unless he is lying to us all.. .It is entirely possible his wife was actually the ghost baker behind his success. We will never know but hope they will make an appearance at the event next year.


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